Family Funeral Cover

Honour your loved ones with a respectful farewell

  • Relieve the financial burden of funeral costs and enjoy peace of mind.
  • No medical exams or blood tests.
  • Cover for up to 22 family members on one policy.
  • Includes funeral assist benefits at no additional cost.

To get Family Funeral Cover

Call 082 13 911


SMS ‘COVER’ to 30726

Terms & conditions apply

What is Vodacom Family Funeral Cover?

  • Vodacom Family Funeral Cover is a straightforward funeral policy, that pays out up to R75 000 when you or any of your family members dies.
  • Premiums from as low as R99 per month can cover you and your spouse, plus we’ll cover your youngest two children at no additional charge!
  • As soon as your policy starts, you’ll be covered for death as a result of an accident and after having this cover for six months, you and your family will be covered for death from natural causes such as a heart attack.
  • There is a 6-month waiting period. From day 1, you’ll be covered for accidental death only and thereafter, your waiting period falls away.
  • No paperwork, no medical exams, no blood tests, no brokers – just direct cover.

  • To access our 24-hour funeral assist service helpline at no additional cost, call 0861 33 30 33.

    Services include:

    • Transportation benefit
    • Legal assistance
    • Discount on tombstones

Who can be covered on my Family Funeral Cover policy?

You can cover up to 22 family members on one policy, including:

  • You
  • Your spouse(s)
  • Your children
  • Your parents and parents in-law
  • Any other extended family member who is financially dependent on you.

How much does Vodacom Family Funeral Cover cost?

The premium depends on who you choose to cover and the cover amount selected. 

To get a quote:

Call 082 13 911


SMS ‘COVER’ to 30726

Please note: To enjoy peace of mind with Vodacom Funeral Cover, always ensure that you pay your monthly premiums. The premium will be debited from your bank account.

How do I submit a claim?

Call us on 082 178 00


Send an email to

A claims consultant will guide you through the claims process. We’ll pay out a valid claim within 48 hours of verifying all required documentation.

How can my family benefit from additional funeral support services?

Once a claim has been approved, they can simply call 0861 33 30 33 to access independent funeral support services which can be obtained at no additional cost.


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