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You know that you use data to download your favourite apps, but did you know that your apps continue to use data, even after it’s been downloaded? Let Dr Yebo show you how to save on extra data costs, simply by keeping an eye on your data settings.

Reasons for increased data usage

Sometimes it seems as if you just topped up with data and before you know it, you’re in need of more! Why so soon? Where did it all go? 

These reasons can help you make sense of the data conundrum:

1. Pre-installed apps 

Your new devices use more data during setup. This may be because pre-installed apps need to be updated to the latest versions as well as the initial update of the content within the app. 

2. Downloadable apps

Your device’s app store is filled with all sorts of nice-to-have apps from games and health to news and much more. Apps use up data when downloading to your device and for automatic updates so that you always have the latest versions. 

3. Uploading high-quality pics 

As mobile devices improve, their built-in cameras capture sharper images of a higher resolution, and sharing these high-quality pics on social media and chat services uses up more data. 

- Facebook and Instagram now allow higher resolution images. 

- WhatsApp photo and video messages can be up to 16MB each. 

4. Faster network speeds

If you’re connected to our super-fast LTE network, your LTE-compatible devices will download data much quicker. So, if you send a 25MB video to a friend while on LTE, the amount of data used will be the same but the speed at which it was used could surprise you. Since we get used to the faster speeds, we tend to send and receive more than before because we do it all in a shorter time; and thus we use up more data in the process. 

Services like YouTube automatically adjust their quality depending on your network speed. High-speed networks allow high definition video which looks great on your phone but the higher the video quality, the more data is consumed. 

Apple iOS tip: iOS 9 automatically switches you onto the mobile data network when it detects a poor WiFi connection. This is great for seamless connectivity but not if you want to keep tight control of data usage. To turn off this feature, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Mobile Data’ > ‘WiFi Assist’.

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