Voicemail 2 SMS

Read your voicemails as SMSs anywhere,anytime.

  • Get your English voicemail messages converted to text and sent to you via SMS
  • Go back to easily view phone numbers, directions or instructions in SMSs
  • Read your messages when you aren’t able to listen to the voicemail messages
  • Reply to the sender directly via SMS

To activate Voicemail 2 SMS

Contact your Service Provider

Contact 135 free from your Vodacom mobile phone for more information

Terms & conditions apply

What is Voicemail 2 SMS?  

  • Voicemail 2 SMS converts your English voicemail messages to text and delivers them as SMSs
  • You can still dial 132 for your voicemail service and listen to voicemail messages if you prefer

Who can get Voicemail 2 SMS?  

Vodacom Contract and Top Up customers who have an active Voicemail service can get Voicemail 2 SMS

Will all my voicemail messages be converted?

Only voicemail messages, which are left in English and are audibly clear, can be converted to SMS. Inaudible words or messages will not be converted and the you may be informed as such via SMS.

You will continue to receive the standard voicemail notifications via SMS, regardless of if the voicemail message is converted to SMS or not.

    Why should I get Voicemail 2 SMS?

    Read your voicemails anywhere, anytime

    Quickly go through converted voicemail SMSs discreetly - even during meetings and never miss a single important message.

    No need to write down anything

    Save time and effort without noting instructions, important messages or phone numbers as these are already converted into text for you.

    Save on retrieval costs while roaming

    No clocking up expensive bills listening to your voicemail while traveling internationally; simply read your converted voicemails as SMSs.

    How much does Voicemail 2 SMS cost?

    A monthly subscription to the Voicemail 2 SMS service costs R19 (inclusive of VAT). This cost will be added to your monthly cellphone bill.

    How do I get Voicemail 2 SMS?

    To activate Voicemail 2 SMS

    •  Contact your Service Provider

    •  Call 082 135, FREE from your Vodacom cellphone

    • On a Vodacom Business contract? Call 082 1960

    • Customer Care outlets

    • Vodacom Shops

    • Log in to My Vodacom Website


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