Ratings and Reviews

Be part of a community and share your opinion

  • Share your opinion on new devices
  • Use the reviews to find what’s best for you
  • Help others find the right phone

What is Ratings and Review?

Phones are often an extension of our personality. From its look and feel, to its features and innovations, choosing the right phone is a big decision. 

Ratings and Review gives you the opportunity to share your opinion on devices. The feedback you give on a tablet or cellphone can help us as Vodacom, the manufacturers and others shopping for the phone of their dreams. 

Why your feedback is important

Share your experience of your new device and help other customers make the right decision when choosing their next cellphone or tablet. People want to know what others think of things before they buy. It’s just like asking friends and family for advice and their opinion at a braai. It is all about Power to you. 

How does Ratings and Review work?

It’s simple! Give a device on our website a rating out of 5-stars and some feedback and it will appear under that device once your comments have been approved!

Steps to submitting a Rating and Review

Whether you’re shopping or browsing from your phone or PC, submitting your Rating and Review is quick and easy:

  • Go to any deal page or use the Search bar to find the device you are looking for
  • Under the image of the device is a tab called Reviews and Ratings
  • If there are other reviews, you will see what other people think of the device and what rating out of 5-stars they have given it
  • Ratings include performance, design, ease of use and features
  • Click on the “Write a Review” button. A form should open up on your PC    


1. Give your review a Title. For example “The LG G3. Great camera” or “The LG G3 is super-fast”

2. Write a short review. Reviews should be about the actual device and your experience of the device. Reviews don’t have to be positive but should always reflect your personal experience of the phone or tablet.

3. Click on whether you would recommend this product. You can click on “Yes” or “No”

4. Rate the various features of the phone by choosing the number of stars for each section.

5. Choose a name for yourself, enter an email address (So that we can contact you, never to market to you), accept the Terms and Conditions by clicking the tick box and click on “Post Review” 

It is as simple as that. Now you’ve shared your views with the world and most likely helped a customer make an important decision!

What is Vodacom Life Insurance?           

  • Vodacom Life Insurance  is a simple and affordable Life Insurance policy that pays out up to R10 million should you die.
  • Your premium is individually calculated based on your personal profile and circumstances. 
  • You also get R1000 Cash Back every 24 months as long as you don’t claim and all your premiums are up to date.

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Who can get Life Insurance?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 65 can apply for Vodacom Life Insurance

    Why should I get a Life Insurance?

    Get cash back

    You get R1 000 cash back every 24 months if you don’t claim and all you premiums are up to date.

    Tailor-made for you

    Your cover and premium is individually calculated based on your personal profile and circumstances.

    Affordable premiums

    The monthly premium is affordable. Please note: Your life insurance premium will be billed separately and will not form part of your Vodacom bill. 

    It’s easy to take out

    No long application forms. Call to 082 13 911 or SMS ‘LIFE’ to 30729. You could be covered by the end of the phone call.

    No medical exams 

    You don’t need to go for any medical exams. A simple blood test is all that’s required, where and when it suits you with Nurses on Wheels.

    Power to you 

    **This means you take control of your financial future, and if you buy directly from Vodacom, you pay no broker fees – saving you money! 

    How do I get Travel Saver?

      To activate Travel Saver:
    • SMS 'SAVE' to 123 OR +27 82 123
    • Call 082 111 OR +27 82 111 FREE from a Vodacom        cellphone, even while roaming
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